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 Jacque is Momma of the world, which makes y'all CHILDRENSSSSSSSssssss of the world.   Know your place and don't you ever forget it. Jacque is Momma is also Oprah is also a tailor is also the lady that sews is also a fashion designer is also an Asian sweatshop worker with no bathroom breaks is also the Empress of Pink Blossom©™/Fun Fun Sexi Tyme©™ is also run-on sentencer is also twatter is also instagramer is also a facebooker.   Basically my point of all of this and I do have a point is that if you got cash money I got the talent(sewing or other *wink wink*). Oh and I mean COLD HARD CASH MONEY. If its not cold,hard, or cash money I don't want it cause we are classy legitimate business.   Oh you are still reading this? I thought my cray cray rambling will scare you its like true what they say people loves dem cray cray.   And remember, Momma Luvs you.   Sponsor by: